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How we started

Let’s face it, you will undoubtedly be faced with obstacles in your life. We want to help you with the tools needed to improve your health and mental toughness. That way you can be ready for whatever life throws at you. From having the energy to keep up with the kids to being ready for anything life throws your way, we have you covered.

In fact, Twice Bitten itself went through many trials and tough times during our mission to create the most amazing facility that would change and impact people’s live’s on many levels.

Twice Bitten got it’s name from having two failed partnerships. We made several mistakes. But through hard work, persistence and consistency, Twice Bitten is the awesome community oriented place it is today. Overcoming those obstacles helped our community grow and get stronger and we want to help you do the same thing.

We are committed to new and innovative ways to serve our members in order to enhance the value of membership.

We are committed to creating a fun, friendly and motivating environment where members can make positive lifestyle changes.

We are committed to listening, understanding and responding to the interests and needs of our clients and providing superior service.

We will conduct our business with honesty and treat all staff, members and guests with respect.

Become the best you!

Let us help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals



Rob Grupe
Rob Grupe

Rob is the owner of Twice Bitten CrossFit. He has over 12 years experience as a coach and trainer.

He’s worked with a diverse group of clientele ranging in age from early teens to late 70’s. He believes everyone should strive to reach their performance potential in a safe and knowledgeable environment.

Trami Thi
Trami Thi

Trami started CrossFit to build confidence, relieve stress, and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Trami was always passionate about fitness.

She participated in competitive sports since elementary school.

She ran on the track and field team in 4th and 5th grade. She played soccer and ran cross country in high school. She received her first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, where she sparred in competitions.

At the peak of the sports season senior year, an ACL and meniscus injury put her on crutches for over 8 months. She felt broken, discouraged, and wanted to give up on fitness. She watched her teammates on the sidelines. She felt like her body had let her down.

She began put her health and fitness last. She adapted terrible eating habits. In college, she gained weight, and felt tired all the time. She really was letting herself go…

One day, when she came home to visit her parents, her mom thought she was pregnant! Well… she wasn’t!

That was the last straw.

She decided to try CrossFit. She fell in love with the community of people and the competitive atmosphere.

She found friends that always pushed and encouraged her to be better. She learned to view nutrition as a way to fuel herself. CrossFit was an amazing stress reliever, and she felt better than she ever had before! Her abs were showing for the first time! She was hooked!

She has since wanted to share her passion for fitness with others.

She worked to get her CrossFit Level 1 Certificate.

She loves coaching because it helps people unleash the hidden power within themselves. The victories that people achieve during class carry into their every day life.

Mike Cook
Mike Cook

Mike played competitive racquetball for the last 7 years, and played tournaments all over the region.

He won a couple of Arkansas state titles and a national singles title in 2010 in Houston. Over the last 8 years he managed a gym in Fayetteville AR, and after seeing lots of people fail to meet their fitness goals in the standard gym model sought out a change. That’s when Mike tried CrossFit and realized this was different and that it works in helping people change their lives.

Kallie Jo Petrie
Kallie Jo Petrie

Kallie Jo Petrie is the newest member of our Twice Bitten CrossFit team. Originally from Chandler, OK…

…Kallie Jo has a gymnastics background and was a 3 sport All-Stater in high school. She was a collegiate softball player at Missouri Southern University in Joplin, MO., Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, OK., and Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. She graduated from Rollins College in 2006 with a Bachelors of Science. Petrie 32, comes to us from Texas where she was an instructor at CrossFit Flowermound, CrossFit Lewisville, Finishline CrossFit & Gahagen Strength. Prior to that she earned her Master’s Degree in Sports Administration at East Central University in Ada, OK., where she coordinated the workouts for softball, soccer, volleyball and women’s basketball programs as she served as the Assistant Strength Coach for the ECU Tigers.

Kallie Jo got her first collegiate weight room experience at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where she was an Assistant Strength Coach for womens track throwers, volleyball, basketball, soccer and the mens soccer programs. Before and during her time at UCF, Kallie Jo served two years as Assistant Softball Coach at Rollins College (a Division II program in Winter Park, FL. and her alma mater). Prior to coaching at UCF and Rollins, Coach Petrie spent 3 years being a performance enhancement specialist at Spectrum Sports Performance (SSP). SSP is a private facility in Winter Park, FL. that focuses on improving sport performance. There she spent her time designing and implementing individualized sport specific programs for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Petrie also enjoyed the considerable amount of time she spent training teams and adults.

In addition to her CrossFit Level 1 certification, Kallie Jo is a certified Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach through the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) and a Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She lives in Chandler, OK with her husband Blaine Petrie. When asked why she chose CrossFit? Her answer was, “I’ve trained many different levels of athletes and clients, and in so many different ways. I whole heartedly believe that CrossFit has figured it out….and is the best of all worlds. It makes every athlete/client a stronger healthier individual. It is the best mix between gymnastics, sports and fitness I have found and I am very excited to be a part of the total package”.

Trace Thews
Trace Thews

Trace’s athletic background extends back to before he could even talk. He learned how to waterski by…

…the time he was two. In high school he continued to be active in high school sports such as football, basketball, lacrosse, and rowing. In college, he competitively rowed in a Division 1 team at the University of Delaware and Oklahoma City University. His love for coaching began when he coached the high school rowing team for two seasons. He took his both to youth nationals. He takes pleasure in working to help people pass their limits. Trace loves to see people not only grow as athletes, but to give them a competitive approach in life. It is awesome to see people PR their lifts. This positive attitude of accomplishing challenges and obstacles can carry on to their everyday lives.

Liz Cromwell
Liz Cromwell

Liz first started CrossFit in November of 2013 after returning from living in Guatemala for 6 years.

She wanted to find something more than just running and missed the atmosphere of competitive athletics. Growing up playing sports, athletics was always part of her life but once she was out of college, the team aspect of athletics dwindled. And that’s when she found CrossFit. Since starting CrossFit, she has enjoyed the community of people, the competitive atmosphere and living a healthier lifestyle. Her passion for education and community lead her to coaching and she hopes to share this with everyone who walks in the gym.

Nathaniel Siems
Nathaniel Siems

Nathaniel played for Stillwater Oklahoma Trinity Homeschool basketball team in high school…

…and won the 5A national championship his sophomore year and 5A runner-up the following year.  He played various intramural sports during his time at Southern Nazarene University.

Despite his competitive background, Nathaniel did not have much experience in weight training and when he graduated from SNU he decided to change that. Nathaniel heard about CrossFit from a friend and after trying it he was instantly hooked. After a short time of doing CrossFit he noticed major changes in his strength and endurance and became interested in the coaching aspect of CrossFit.

Nathaniel’s favorite moments in coaching CrossFit are when someone sets a goal that seems impossible to them, and after hard work and dedication they reach that goal.

Become the best you!

Let us help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals