Dal & Karen are an absolute power couple!

This is why they are the Twice Bitten CrossFit Athlete Spotlight!

Dal is a real estate agent. Karen is the Director of Human Resources at LifeSpring In-Home Care Network.

They are an amazing example of how it is never too late to work towards your fitness goals! ?️‍

Twice Bitten CrossFit is known for is its diversity…

There’s people here of all ages, all sizes, all nationalities, and all different types of goals.

There is a energetic and vibrant mature adult community at Twice Bitten CrossFit!
Karen and Dal are a perfect example!

When some one thinks it is too late to start their fitness journey, watch this interview with Dal and Karen.

They will prove that it is NEVER too late!

Congratulations on everything that you’ve accomplished, Dal and Karen Shannon!