Jonah Vasquez Athlete of the Month for April 2017

OK Fit Family!!!

Our Twice Bitten CrossFit
Athlete of the Month for April 2017 is
Jonah Vasquez

It has been a great ride watching Jonah set goals and absolutely crush them!! It seems like he also really understands making changes in all aspects of his life not just in the gym.

He is a big reason why our Community is the way it is….He always goes out of his way to greet new members and celebrate the little wins everyone gets throughout the week.

I’m going to close with this Monster Shout Out….Last week when we ran 800s Jonah ran the fastest time in the gym by 15 seconds!!!!! That is a huge difference!!! Congratulations Jonah keep crushing goals!!!! Thank You!!!! You make our gym better everyday!!

Why did you decide to join Twice Bitten CrossFit?
~ For some balance, I was used to throwing all of my energy into my family, friends and my job, that never really took the time to look at myself and see what I wanted or how I could make myself better, a happier person.

What is your favorite part about TBC?
~ The Community. I know that when I walk through those doors, no matter how crappy or stressful my day has been, someone is going to flash me a smile, or tell me a funny story while we figure out what intense exercise we are going to tackle for the day. It’s become my stress relief.

What is your favorite class time?
~ I like the different people at all of the class times, each one is different. But I try to stick to the 5:30pm class times so that I will force myself to eat healthy leading up until class. I am much more likely not to binge and eat an entire pepperoni pizza knowing I have running or heavy lifting that evening.

What is your favorite workout music?
~ People that know me would be shocked but, old school Eminem for cardio intensive workouts, or classical music for strength training.

Tell us about your family.
~ I have a huge family, 3 brothers and 2 sisters and tons of nieces, nephews, and cousins. And no one understands why I love CrossFit. If they’d try it, they’d love it!

What is your favorite lift or CrossFit movement?
~ Thrusters. Once I get pull-ups down, they’re going to be my favorite.

What is your least favorite lift or CrossFit movement?
~ Single Leg Deadlift. Just because it takes a lot of balance that I don’t have yet.

What is your favorite benchmark workout?
~ Helen: 3rds for time: 400m run, 21 Kettlebell swings, 12 pullups

What accomplishment are you most proud of in the gym?
~ Losing 80 pounds and actually sticking to it. It would be easy to quit, but I don’t. I keep coming back every day to test myself and be the best me I can be.

Watch his interview below!