Twice Bitten CrossFit Athlete of the Month for February 2017

Leah Kanne

Leah started with Twice Bitten on May 6th of 2016. As Coaches it has been fun to watch her transform. Over the past few months she has taken a leadership role in the classes. It is great to watch her take ownership of the gym and make sure any and all new people feel welcome and have a partner for workouts. She also did 2 strict pull-ups today!!!! Woo hoo!!


Why did you decide to join Twice Bitten CrossFit?
~ I have always loved Group Fitness. In 6 years here, I wasn’t able to find any groups that I liked. I’d heard people were crazy for CrossFit, so when TBC popped up in my Facebook feed I decided to give it a try!!

What is your favorite part about TBC?
~ It’s so much fun: The workouts, the coaches and the members.

What is your favorite class time?
~ 5:30am

What is your favorite workout music?
~ I like hard rock!!! Foo Fighters, Pantera, etc.

Tell us about your family.
~ Here in OKC I have two dachshund furbabies. In Missouri I have a pile of human family members.

What is your favorite lift or CrossFit movement?
~ Power Snatch

What is your least favorite lift or CrossFit movement?
~ Airdyne….

What is your favorite benchmark workout?
~ Randy (75 snatches for time)

What accomplishment are you most proud of in the gym?
~ That I have made a habit of going regularly. That was my main goal when I started, I go at least 4x per week now!!

Watch her story below!