LInda Hyam’s Transformation

Linda Hyam's Transformation Story "If anyone told me a year ago that I would compete in the master's category of the 2017 CrossFit Open, I'd probably laugh in their face. Yet, it is true. Today, I'm 58 years old and I am proud [...]

Travis Benham

    Huge shout out to Travis Benham!! Lost over 50lbs and 13% body fat in 6 months at Twice Bitten CrossFit! He started out wearing 3XL shirts... now he can fit into a L [...]

Why Couples Who Workout Together, Stay Together!

There are two types of people in this world: the ones who make exercising an integral part of their lives and the ones who do not. When you're single, you can be either of these types of [...]

Can You Guess Her Age? (pic)

You probably can't tell from these pictures but Melissa looks much younger than the number on her birth certificate. In fact...Melissa is even a grandmother! And she's now physically able to do what the young [...]


Traveling for business or vacation? There is nothing more frustrating than being away from the gym and missing out on a workout! Here at Twice Bitten CrossFit we never want you to miss a workout…regardless [...]

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