⭐️ ✨ *Twice Bitten CrossFIt Athlete Spotlight!* ? ?
I want to give a huge shout out to? Rashanda Stockard​! ?
Rashanda started working out at Twice Bitten in June 1, 2016 and is still going strong!
She is a 6th grade school teacher at Greystone Elementary school in Oklahoma City. She is a very busy woman and a patient and kind mother to her son, Phynix. The awesome pair always comes to evening classes. Phynix hangs out as his mom dominates her work outs!
Before she started at Twice Bitten, she worked out on her own.. but could not hold herself accountable.
She is now feeling happier, stronger, and has less stress.
She is becoming a more confident and strong mom!
Phynix and her are a power team. Phynix plays basketball loves that his mom stays active and is able to keep up with his high energy levels.
She works out to better herself, as well and to be a great example for Phynix.
Her next goals is to improve her nutrition and eat healthy. ?
Great Job Rashanda. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story!
Watch this video to learn more!