“Travis Benham lost over 50lbs and 13% body fat in 6 months at Twice Bitten CrossFit! He started out wearing 3XL shirts… now he can fit into a L shirt!”

– Travis Benham

“I lost 6.4 lbs, 7.5 inches, and 1.8% body fat.”

– Olivia Staff

“I lost 35.8 lbs, 11.7 inches, and 12.1% body fat at Twice Bitten CrossFit!”

Julie Sloan

“I lost 26 lbs and and 2.7% body fat in only 6 weeks at Twice Bitten CrossFit!”

– Chris Gammel

“I lost 18.6 lbs and 5.5% body fat.”

– Misty Jaggers

“Its all because of TBC that my life has changed for the better and that’s my favorite part.”

– Megan Slaton

“Coming Soon!”

– AJ Jones

“Coming Soon!”

– Linda Hyams

“Coming Soon!”

– Trace Thews

“Coming Soon!”

– Cinthia Espinoza

“I lost 15.4 lbs and 7.9% body fat in only 6 weeks!”

– Joe Stenmark

“I lost 27.6 pounds and 10.4 % body fat.”

– Melissa Ducios Lueninghoener

“I gained muscle and endurance at Twice Bitten CrossFit as well as made a group of friends.”

– Martin Torres

“I am 17.7 lbs less ! I went from a 44in waist to 36 1/4 in! I used to barely be able to lift a barbell alone! Now i can lift 123 lbs ! I used to run about 200 m then stop now I can run 500m!”

– Isabel Perales

I lost a total of 25.6 lbs in 6 weeks and won first place in the New Years Revolution Challenge!”

– Jason Brown

“I was unsure if I could even do it, especially at my age. When I squatted at home, I needed help to get up. However, in just 3 1/2 months, I am stronger, more balanced, and building bone strength.”

– Patti Hulseburg

“I ended up dropping 15 pounds. People have told me I looked different since day one I’ve walked in here.”

– Matt Ridley

“After starting at Twice Bitten CrossFit, my energy levels increased. I am stronger and increasing muscle. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far!”

– Alicia Busica

“I have officially reached my college weight. Here’s a shoutout to my coaches at Twice Bitten who have helped me in my fitness journey and pushed me to become a better me, you guys rock!”

– Meagan Hassl

“I’ve lost almost 50 lbs. It’s a very positive community. This is one of the best decision I think that I ever made. It’s a great way to relieve stress, and it’s one of the best antidepressants”

– James Vaughn

“I’ve already dropped about 14 pounds means for me I’m gonna be able to drop another way class for my powerlifting competitions!”

– Lauren Jackson

“I am now 10lbs lighter and still losing every week, but more importantly I have learned the good eating habits of 5 smaller balanced meals a day and have never once felt hungry while on the program.”

– Terry Moore

“Twice Bitten CrossFit has helped increase my self-confidence and has pushed me past my limits. I am noticing good changes in the last few months and I am gaining strength.”

–  Kendra Draper

“I never thought I would be doing multiple pull-ups and lifting heavy weight! I got quick results, better strength/size gains, and overall better development.”

– Sara Cunningham

“Twice Bitten CrossFit taught me not only how to be physically tough and push past my comfort zone, but I also became mentally tough.”

– Emma Shirley

“Through CrossFit I increased my strength and my cardio and aerobic conditioning. I also learned to clean up my nutrition which helped me get leaner than I had been since college.”

– Mike Cook

“The excellent exercise and nutrition program at TBC got me a lot leaner. My body fat % dropped, and I am starting to lose the stubborn belly fat on my stomach!”

– Trami Thi

“I’m fitting into sizes I haven’t been in since high school. I don’t mind going shirtless to the pool now when I take my sons. I get compliments on how I look.”

– Darien Whitehurst

“I discovered strength that I had not known of. I pushed myself beyond my own expectations, but most importantly seeds of confidence began to emerge.”

– Kim Cook

“Twice Bitten CrossFit has made a big change in my life both physically and mentally. I’m able to do things that I never thought I could.”

– Juan Montoya

Dorian Quillen

Lyna Mitchell

Patti Hulseburg

Matt Ridley

Alicia Busic

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